21 Responses to “Philippians Chapter 2: Paragraph 8 and 9”

  1. Brack

    Nov 15th, 2009

    Lectio: piled

    Meditatio: personal

    Oratio: God, make me alive in you. Lead me back on the route I’m suppose to be on.

    Contemplatio: bleh

  2. chucky talylor

    Nov 20th, 2009

    lectio illness

    Meditatio personal

    Oratio God please heal the illness of my life.

    Contemplatio not exactly sure

  3. Paula

    Nov 20th, 2009

    wow this means so much someone putting there life on the line for someone else

  4. Sylvie

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: get back

    Meditatio: personal

    Oratio: hey Jesus, i really need your help right now in my life. there’s some people i need help reaching to and its to hard for me. please let me be able to get with them and help them. please give me the strength to be able to do what i need to do. because i’m scared. i love you god.

    Contemplatio: …………

  5. leperchaun

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio- Relieved

    Meditatio- God is telling me not to me all stressed, but to be relieved.

    Oratio- God please help me to not be stressed.

    Contemplatio- I feel unstressed.

  6. coach cornbread

    Nov 20th, 2009

    lectio: rejoice

    meditatio: rejoice in all things I do

    oratio: God, help me to rejoice in all the things I do for you and other people. Help me to become a better christian.

    contemplatio: revived

  7. coach honolulu

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: Recovering

    Meditatio: Everything is going to be okay

    Oratio: God, Help my family.

    Comtemplatio: lil’ better

  8. JesusFreak

    Nov 20th, 2009

    lectio: reassure

    Meditatio: sometimes i wonder if im doing life right.. i understand no one can but I just get to a point where i see nothing is going right. Am i doing something wrong? Is this pain because of sin? I feel rejected sometimes, probably my biggest fear.. or my only fear. I wish I could hear God more clearly, I need reassurance, I need him, badly.

    oratio: God consume me, talk to me, i need you more than anything.. you know this. I know you desire to heal my pain, Help me to understand things that i’m just not getting. Use me Father… I’m desperate

    contemplatio: confused

  9. Becca

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: mercy

    Meditatio: God has mercy on us. He forgives us no matter what we do.

    Oratio: Please forgive me. I know I’ve done things that aren’t exactly what you want me to be doing. Please forgive me of all those things and help me do better.

    Contemplatio: everything is peacefull.

  10. chucky talylor

    Nov 20th, 2009

    i think that Bracks is very reflected upon

  11. Madi

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: Mercy

    Meditatio: I learned that mercy is not getting what we deserve. I deserve so many so many things but God is so merciful. I remember playing the game mercy and you would see how much pain you could take, until at last you would scream mercy. God is so merciful! We all deserve to go to hell, yet God sent his only son to die for us so we could actually go to heaven.

    Lectio: God, thank you for being so merciful.


  12. Ashlyn

    Nov 20th, 2009

    i think we all get blinded by the enemy and want to feel alive again and not like were dead! just put all you have in God, even though its hard to do that, put your faith in Him because He is so worth putting everything you have in Him! and put the power of prayer in and help Him help you get back on track!

  13. Whisperer

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: GRIEF

    Meditatio: He says I know you have been through a lot of grief but just give it to Me. Lay it all down on the cross, your weight is lifted..He also says because of your grief you can witness to many people who are going through the same things..GO

    Oratio: Thank you, God for taking it all at the cross. Give me strength God to share my experience with others.


  14. Anonymous

    Nov 20th, 2009


    Meditatio: I learned that no matter what he/she has done and no matter who they are you should help them and give them mercy. If they want something help even if you do not want to. Mercy is not getting what you deserve so treat them better than what you want to be treated and forgive them.

    Oratio: God, thank you for understand and forgiving me.


  15. tucker

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: Companion

    Meditatio: No matter how bad the situation. no matter how bad the pain. there is always going to be someone to help go through it and make sure you come out alive.

    Oratio: God , thanks for my friends that are with me no matter what i go through

    Contemplatio :

  16. Arya

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: grief

    Meditato: Grief changes peoples’ lives. It festers inside them and controls everything they do. It makes them see the whole world in a different way. It’s sort of like when a little kid first finds out that the world is not safe or perfect. I think God was telling me to remember that we can not look at this world as if we belong here. It is bad and we can not view our lives the same way after we are saved. Just like grief changes peoples’ lives, and changes them, we have to let God change us and make us look at the world differently.

    Oratio: Jesus, help me to remember that this world is not my home.

    Contemplatio: . . .

  17. hulie

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: Companion

    Meditatio: Companions are there for you through it all, the good and bad. They come to you in times of need. God put everyone on this earth for a reason. Your companions come across your path for some reason, you might know them for two years or two days. Treat your companions close to you or not so close how you would want to be treated.

    Oratio: God, thank you for giving me companions to learn from, respect and love.

  18. diesel

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: deserve

    Meditatio: Gosh. There are so many thoughts running through my head right now. There is soo much that I have done that deserves some sort of punishment. Whether its a spiritual or real problem, I’ve gotten away with so many things. It comes to a point where we all are so blessed, and we get away with so much, that we are led into more badness. If we get away with everything and never suffer consequences, thats not gonna change our way of life. In my opinion, we should all be careful of our actions and realize how blessed we truly are and step into reality. We might think when our parents punish us or whatever that life is just terrible, when really, they’re just looking out for us. They want us to have a good future ahead of us and be responsible. For those of us who have it tougher than others, all we can do is be strong and know that with God, everything is going to get better.

    Oratio: God, I pray that you will help me become more familiar with what life could really be like. I pray that you will remind me every day how blessed I am. And thank you for being so gracious and merciful towards me and everyone else. We are so fortunate to have someone like you in our lives. I also pray that you will put in me more respect for my elders, although sometimes they can get rather annoying. I love you with all my heart. Amen.

    Contemplatio: I am so blessed.


  19. karley

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: Process
    Meditatio: Our life as Christians is a continuing process. We learn more and more every single day, and build a personal relationship. But the whole purpose behind progress is improvement. Whether it’s a daily or eventual progress, it needs to happen. We can’t just live our life without caring, we should strive to develop a stronger relationship and love with God, our Savior.

    Oratio: Lord, give me the desire to seek you, to always feel that fire. I don’t want this strong relationship to be on and off. I know you are always with me, and i want to learn more about you.


  20. Madi

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Diesel’s is really good.
    hulie’s really like spoke to me.
    Whisperer’s is a really good one too.

  21. Jesse

    Jan 19th, 2010

    Lectio: Complete

    Meditatio: What a powerful word, It’s something that we all dream of being, complete. So many things we feel complete us, the opposite sex, like in jerry Maguire when he tells the woman he loves “you complete me” everyone knows that scene and to some it could be personal. What does complete us? the world? our friends and families? God? To me this question kinda struck me that I recently just thought of, Why do we think that our friends and families and loved ones are the only thing that we need and would christians give the up for God and why do we love them so much? My answer was just Our families are a part of God’s image! everything he is!, a caretaker, a close friend, a mom a dad. just something so tangible God blessed us with in our lives and we never realize it, that everyday we wake and sees our brothers or sisters parents or friends we are looking straight into God’s heart, What a blessing!!=)
    we always take it for granted..

    Oratio: Abba Father thank you so much for blessing me with such an incredible family and group of friends who I consider my family and everything! Im just at a lost for words when I think about your grace, mercy, love there is noone like you God, I love you sooo much, thank you for forgiving me and dying for me, Thank you for saying that I am worth dying for, I dont know any greater love than that.

    Contemplatio: I find myself in you.

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