2 Responses to “Lectio Divina Pt.2”

  1. V.SMith

    May 20th, 2009

    Under Oratio when you say, “He is speaking constantly” you are speaking the truth.
    I’ve been practicing meditation with the Holy Spirit for the past 13yrs. And, the more I go through this process the easier it gets. If I have been able to take the proper time out of my schedule, consistantly, God’s voice is easier to hear. And, I am faced with the fact that I am so, very imperfect. I realize how different I am from him. I live so much in “the flesh” even when I really try to put him first. And, that’s my point I guess…The closer I get to him and see his true nature- the more I realize how much I am in need of his love & truth. Because on my own my thoughts are so, very different from his. Had I not been introduced to meditation I’m sure he would have found another way to my heart (cause he’s my “Big Popa”) but, it is like a big hug, from the inside out-that I never want to live without.
    Also, this love that I speak about is what I want others to experience. I know that the power I’ve experienced has only come to me because of what Jesus went through. And, I know that he did it for ALL others…So, I’m perplexed with thoughts of, “How in the world do I share this?”..”How do I explain to people that I’ve talked “with” God/Jesus/the Holy SPirit this morning?”…My experiences aren’t so easily undertandable to many people. And then God tells me to just “be” & let him to the heavy lifting. All I have to do is “Be”???..just live my life getting to know him more, making a difference where he calls me & let him do his job.
    That’s pretty cool. And, I am releaved. All I have to do is live as love. So, Jeremy, thanks for sharing this. Thanks for explaining this. You articulate this much better than I ever have. And, I will pass it on to others.-V.SMith

  2. Angela Fisher

    Sep 29th, 2009

    What a beautiful way to read scripture and hear God speak to us. I am now more aware and when I say the “Our Father”, I stop on the special word as the others in church continue to pray. What is He saying to me? I feel so loved. I seek that quiet place each day, my soul longs for the place that I can feel God’s love and warmth. Every now and then, I receive it, especially during mass. It seems as if I am alone with God even though there are hundreds around me.

    We are meant to revolve our lives around God’s direction, not to fit God into our lives. How many times I seem to find time to work out but did not give more than 10 minutes to read the scriptures. God must me waiting patiently to talk to me and guide me to the desires of my heart.

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful way to read scripture and hear God’s gentle, quiet whisper.

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