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  1. Brack

    Oct 18th, 2009

    Lectio: left

    Meditatio: personal

    Oratio: Father, put a fire burning match in my heart and soul. Give me a slice of Holy fire, I’ve come to the point of where I’m done with being controlled by things that aren’t of You. Keep me safe and protect me with a shield of godliness. I need you so desperately, I’m sprinting towards You and no demoralization will keep my pace from slowing down.

    Contemplatio: intense!

  2. Faith

    Oct 19th, 2009


    Meditatio-Alot of the time i focus on what i feel apart of.Causing me to isolate myself from expanding into new territory and friendships.Recently i have gotten so caught up in being “one of the group”.And when something bad happens i feel left out or rejected.Even if i’m not.Focusing on the wrong thing and losing my peace of mind because of worry.Also causing me to lose sight of God’s plan and purpose for me.Missing oppurtunities.There’s nothing wrong with being a part of a close group of people.But never forget that i was once an outsider and I knew how that felt.So every time i get the chance to minister to someone.I should take it!That’s what Jesus would do.Yes He had His disciples being the twelve He chose.But He also spent His time with others who needed Him more at given circumstances.I need to put aside my self centered mindset and go beyond my comfort zone.Being a true disciple and follower of Christ.Not that I don’t act nice to people.But really my problem if focusing on goals that are irrelevant at the moment.

    Oratio-Dear Lord I ask You give me a true heart of Your’s to minister to others beyond my comfort.Even if it means sacrificing my time.I know there’s something more out there I should be doing than sitting in idle mode at times.Sometimes I should go sit with that person who is alone.Sometimes I should turn the radio off and pray.Lord I ask Your forgiveness and I pray for wisdom and discernment.I ask for a heart to give and to be a servant to Your people.Loving unconditionally.Even when it hurts.I trust in Your unconditional love for me.Thankyou Jesus for Your prayer for me.My constant interceder.Amen


  3. Madi

    Oct 19th, 2009

    Lectio: God told

    Meditatio: It ceases to amaze me that God tells people things. Why would God care enough to tell us,mere humans,what is best for us. That’s one of many examples of God’s love. He cares enough for us to show us signs!! God is so awesome and unique in the ways that he speaks to us.

    Oratio: God I feel like I am learning more about you every day! I am just so happy to know that you love me. Please show the kids at my school that you love them too!! Amen.

    Contemplatio: Amazed

  4. melissa

    Oct 19th, 2009

    Lectio: you’ll be a blessing
    Meditatio: i like how it says in this verse that you will be blessed but also that you will be a blessing. i think that is really cool because of course we want to be blessed but its not always all about us and it is awesome that we can bless others just by having a good attitude or a smile on our face or by being friendly. Just by saying one nice thing to someone, you could change thier life!
    Oratio: God, help me to remember to always try my best to have a good attitude about everyone and everything. I want people to be blessed by my presence not hurt or discouraged.

  5. kim

    Oct 20th, 2009

    Lectio: land

    I love that image: land; space and resource. In this context, I sense something new, blank, and yet profound awaiting Abram. When I left Georgia, I felt like I think Abram may have, leaving identities and ways and a culture I knew how to navigate…for an unknown and something I was to develop in God. God was challenging me to let Him be and form all those things for me.

    God has shown me several times that He has cleared out a wide space for me here. A space to learn and fail and maybe be unnoticed in such. That is a good thing. I would not have tried much of what I have tried here…without the aloneness that this land has offered me as a gift, nor in the distraction of my homeland’s beauty. Sometimes there, on the land that bore me, I found beauty enough to still if not quiet the God restlessness within me, that which spurns me on toward Him.

    So I embrace this dismal dirt, which seems to grow so little of substinance, but hides rich ores of strength and power. This land is God’s chosen place for me. I get it a little more everyday. I still grimace when my foot crunches it underfoot – it will never subtly give as home- but I get it and I have settled myself to what it is.

    In Georgia, I wrote about the land, my affection for it. Here, it is not the grains smooth between my fingers, but the sons and daughters – God’s promise to all Abraham’s which have become my grounding.

    Oratio: God, thank you that “you can’t go home again.”

    Contemplatio: little sad, but okay…

  6. Landon

    Oct 20th, 2009

    Lectio: safe and sound

    Meditatio: We kinda talked about this in Sunday school. We talked about just because you don’t feel the presence of the Lord, it doesn’t mean he isn’t there. He is there. He’s all around you. Protecting, guiding, and listening to your every call. I need to stop feeling left out almost all the time, it’s just a way Satan is telling me that God isn’t there when i know he is. He is always there making sure I’m safe and sound.

    Oratio: Dear Lord,
    Help me not to believe Satans lies of you not being there. Because I know you’re always there even when I least expect it. Just like the song says, “You walk with me through fire.” Your always there with me through school, while I’m sleeping, and even while I’m doing this at this very second. Always making sure I’m safe and sound. Help me dear Lord Jesus. I trust in you.

    In your name,

  7. Millie

    Oct 22nd, 2009

    lectio: I will

    Meditatio: God makes so many promises to me and yet I am so quick to doubt Him. I don’t get it. Out of anyone to make a promise, to say I will, He will keep it. If I know that He will never fail than why is there a lack of trust? Is it because of the lack of something tangible? Is it because His timing and mine are different? Is it just a general lack of trust?
    Lately I have been feeling discouraged, especially when it comes to praying. I feel like no matter what I say it is having no impact. I don’t see any changes so it feels like He is not listening.

    Oratio: God, help me to always remember that you keep your promises. Thank you that you are someone that I can always count on. Help me to remember that even when I cannot see anything happening in response to my prayers, that you are still working, maybe in another dimension, but you are working. You are going to reveal yourself to the people that you have placed on my heart. I don’t think that you would have placed them so strongly and deeply into my spirit if you weren’t going to. I know that you are moving and working even when I cannot see it or feel it. When you say that you will do something, you are going to come through. Thank you. I trust you.


  8. Patrick

    Oct 23rd, 2009

    Lectio: curse

    Meditatio: usely when something like this happens bad stuff happens and life gets crumy

    Oriatio: I think that a curse is almost like judgment god isn’t throwing plauges at you he is simply removing his grace until you repent but I could be wrong its just my opinion

    contemplatio: confused

  9. Haleigh

    Oct 23rd, 2009

    Lectio: safe

    Meditatio: I have a safety zone. I know where I am comfortable and I know where I feel as if I do not belong. I think that God is calling me to seriously step out of the normal schedule, and diversify myself. I have felt that for a long time, but right now it is majorly impacting my heart. This week i was presented with an oppurtunity- I was not and still am not positive if this is from God, but it all makes sense that it would be. So my new mission for myself is to step out of where i feel safe when neccasary, so i can show poeple, who have never felt God’s love, genuine love, before.

    Oratio: God i want to be used by you. In every possible way. If this oppurtunity is one way you are getting me ready to step out and touch the hurt, then let it happen. But even if its not, God help me step out of where I feel safe, even if I am uncomfortable, and help me share your love. And help the person accept your love.

    Conteplatio: Excited

  10. Lauren W

    Oct 24th, 2009

    meditatio: Lately i have been taking the blessings God has given me for granted. I need to focus on what is important in my life. I need to not only stop and take the time to appreciate the blessings God has placed in my life for me, but also focus on others and being a blessing to them.
    oratio: God help me to start taking the time to appreciate all the blessings you have given me. I am so blessed with all the things you have been doing in my life lately. So just help me to start thinking about others as well and how i can take the time to bless them.
    contemplatio: blessed

  11. Jacob

    Oct 24th, 2009

    Lecio: I will show you

    Meditatio: I’ve been stressed about my future lately. God will show me what to do.

    Oratio: Help me to be patient and wait for your timing.

    Contemplatio: Peace

  12. Ashley

    Oct 24th, 2009

    Lectio: left
    oratio: God please help me to get rid of this thing that I am holding onto. God right now I see this thing being left with you and I need to give it to you so it can be left so please Take this and let me not be concerned about it. Amen

    Oratio: Left the issue to God finally…. Yay.

  13. Ashlyn

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Faith, it is okay everyone messes up and i feel the same way! i always get stuck in that position and want to blame others when truly it was all my fault! but we do always need to think how Jesus would think! and we are called His disciples and to go out into the world and preach the gospel and help change other and set good examples! always pray for to God to give you the strength to do this!

  14. PKC

    Nov 20th, 2009

    lctio : left
    meditaio: personal

    its somrthing i csnt let go will you help me forget an forgive its hard to go through life knowing its someting you always know was wrong so i ask of him now to surround me with words of wisdom to say an get me through this
    oratio : I’m letting go !!

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