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  1. Brack

    Nov 14th, 2009

    Lectio: embraced

    Meditatio: I love giving hugs, it’s one of my favorite ways to show love. Somehow hugging and embracing are different to me. When someone embraces me I feel this deep connection that every thing is going to be just fine, I feel hopeful and really loved and cared for. When God embraces me I know He’s all I’ll ever need, it’s a connection that i can just take a deep breath and just relax in His presence, it may not feel this way 24/7 but does it ever? Nah. He’s omnipresent, no matter what.

    Oratio: God, you’ve seen some things that’s gone on recently and I know one of the worst things i could ever do is not accept your forgiveness. I’m so sorry, please forgive me. I need you so desperately, especially right now! Fill me with your spirit, make me new. I love you… so deeply.

    Contemplatio: “I never left…” -God

  2. kim

    Nov 17th, 2009

    Lectio: content


    I am one of those people who are always somewhere else, out in front a few steps of NOW. It’s a bad thing. God is constantly whispering and or hollering to me to stay in the NOW, where He is. God’s watch always reads, NOW.

    It’s not so much things that I wander towards – but the future, the next turn in the road. I like to see it and first. So much so, that I miss way too much of what is happening near me, around me.

    Yesterday, a rare moment occurred. It didn’t really appear anything special if one was observing from the outside. Some friends and I just sat on my steps. We were done talking, there was not a great deal to say. We were just quiet and still – together. We were just ourselves and no particular age. We were and we were together.

    Sometimes, if I will stay in the NOW, God will give me assurances. He will show me how something has always been, will always be. He will show me the NOW of the matter.

    He will show me and steady me not to worry or struggle or plot or plan.

    NOW is…

    Oratio: God, help me stay in the NOW, with you.

    Contemplatio: satisfied

  3. Sylvie

    Nov 20th, 2009

    these both are really good. im glad that you both shared these. it kinda helps me with some questions i have. there not quite answered but this helps me know what to ask better than i did. thank you Brack and kim. :]

  4. Madi

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: Be blessed

    Meditatio: Every time Jesus said “Be blessed” another thing that we would call “painful” would follow. “Not only that—count yourselves blessed every time people put you down or throw you out or speak lies about you to discredit me.” Jesus isn’t telling us to do something impossible. He lived through persecution. He is encouraging me to not care what people think about me and my relationship with Him. He is wanting me to go deeper in our relationship, but I have been held back. The thoughts of what my peers around me think about my have been holding me back.

    Oratio: God, It’s not worth it to not get closer to you just because of what people think of me. I need strength God. I want my relationship to go deeper and deeper with you, like every second! Amen.

    Contemplatio: You are my everything God.

  5. Ashlyn

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: see

    Meditatio: i am one of those people who get distracted and blinded real easily. and i feel so guilty for that. i always feel like God will never forgive me even though i know He will if i ask for forgiveness of that sin. i am always stuck in the middle in hard times like that and never know how to go to God first or go over it with Him. i pray and pray and pray but it seems like i’m not trying. is that a bad thing? i really need some advice on this because i always have a guilty heart when it comes to God and i have no clue why.

    Oratio: Dear God, i thank so so much for blessing me with a new day everyday. Father i am very sorry for the way i am acting right now. i am not obeying you and i am being very disrespectful. i guess that’s why i have such a guilty heart. i ask for forgiveness of not trying to meditate on your word and disobeying you and things. i love you so much Father from the bottom of my heart and with everything that i have! and i thank you for all the second chances that you have given me, and for everything that you have given and done for me and my family! i pray all of this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

    Contemplatio: relaxed

  6. chucky talylor

    Nov 20th, 2009

    I like those three

  7. Leigh

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: Lies…


    Im the type of person that usullay ill believe anything you pretty much tell me. about 2 months ago i had started to get away from God.i started to let the devil in. i had met someone who wasnt a christian and we would talk about Christianity sometimes but every time i brought it up he’d always just change the subject. I never thought anything about it i thought for some reason that i loved this person. but then i recently found out that i had been lied to. Tuesday in school our bible teacher talked on something that hit hard with me..When i got home that night i remember sitting down playing my guitar and singing Word Of God Speak..
    After i got done singing i was praying to God about 5 min, into that prayer i just started Crying!! i had felt like i had let God down because i had listened to all the devils lies i was scared that maybe God wouldn’t forgive me.but than i remembered that God always forgives you just have to ask for it..For thoes 2 months this person had told me that the whole christiantiy thing was a joke and it was stupid and a waist of time! i never really said anything other than no its not you just dont understand it.
    God i dont know what you were doing during thoes 2 months..but i felt like you had left me even though you said i will never leave nor forsake you! After i prayed to God and after i got all my anger and hurt out and told it to God i had the greatest feel of peace come over me i felt like the weight of the world was taken of my shoulders! God after i let everything out to you i felt a much BIGGER CONTECTION TO YOU THAN I HAVE EVER FELT BEFORE!!!! :) I WANT THE DEVIL TO STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!! LORD YOU AMAZE ME MORE AND MORE EVERYDAY THE THINGS YOU DO AND THE WAY YOU USE PEOPLE LORD JUST AMAZES ME!! God I love you so much!!! :)

    Oratio: God,help me to be the person that you want me to be and God
    help me to never EVER!!! LISTEN TO THE DEVILS LIES AGAIN!!!
    “Even in your darkest days when you don’t feel like im hear or that i care…I care more than you could ever know!! and im always here you just have to listen.”-God

    Contemplatio: Peace

  8. Becca

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: Blessed

    Meditatio: I tend to be the kind of person that thinks WAY too much. I start to think about things and I bring up the worst case scenarios and i freak myself out.
    Most people I see tend to think of the most wonderful things and how everything is going to be alright and it just makes me feel good.
    It makes me feel like they are blessed by God. How wonderful they must feel all because of Him.
    I know that all I need to do when i start thinking too much is go to God and just thank Him for everything that I have and everything that He has done for me.

    Oratio: Please dear Lord, help me through all the things that are going on in my life right now. Help me look through them, and find the good things that could come out of it.
    Help me know that it’s alright to turn to you.

    Contemplatio: He is always there for me

  9. Leigh

    Nov 20th, 2009

    I really love Bracks i just kept re-reading i don’t know it just gave me just a smile to know that im not alone that ive never been alone! and that im not the only person who feels that Gods not there sometimes..

  10. PKC

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: embraced

    when i read this i thought to myself isn’t it better to be a step a head yes most of the time to have an idea of a plan its fine but don’t always depend on it sometimes you run into troubles that you can manage to fix if its something through the grape vine and you know what happened tell the truth but don’t let the enemy stop you. for i know what is right and wrong an i thought before i took action it happened and i was unaware of it all . it was so quick i was lost in the mists of it all confused an frustrated i thought an said for you shed your blood for my sins i shail not go against you i will ask for his forgiveness an i will be more aware from here on out !

    Oratio: live for today for your not promised tomorrow


  11. Gle

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: Committed

    Meditatio: Living for God is a full time commitment. Living like a Christian should modeled after Christ is hard. But the benefits of it are more than worth the commitment. Being able to connect with God is a benefit far greater than any other. Simple things that seem unimportant to us are the first steps to turning towards God and committing our lives to Him. The disciples in the Bible fully committed their lives to God. THey even died for Him. That is the modeled commitment I want. To follow God with such commitment that ill follow Him anywhere.

    Oratio: I pray that God will give me the strength to resist temptation and live for Him every day. I pray for the strength to commit.

    Contemplatio: Live not like the world but for Him.

  12. anonymous

    Nov 20th, 2009

    lectio: commitment

    meditatio: Commitment is something that we should have with God. If i am committed to God i feel closer to Him and i’m not going to get far from Him. Commitment is a big thing to me it keeps me attached and able to follow His word.

    oratio: God, I want to have a commitment with you, and become closer to you. I need to get some of the things in my life out of the way that are stopping me from being close to you. Amen.

  13. Mad

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: persecution

    Meditatio: Christians today are being persecuted more than ever! In other countries and even here in the U.S. It is scary to think that in my lifetime my generation of people might be killed for standing up for God! Our country is going through hard times right now and we should be standing up for God more than ever. Teaching and acting like He would want us to.

    Oratio: Lord help me to be strong in these hard times! Work through me to do your will and help those who are lost. Please be with the leaders of the country so they make wise decisions to make our country a better place, not tear it down! I love you Lord and want to do all I can to make Your Name known!


  14. Nate

    Nov 20th, 2009

    Lectio: appetite

    Meditatio: Appetite what a word to see. It means so many things. We can have an appetite for so many different things. What this says is we need an appetite for God. Not many of us think about it that way. We just say love God, ask for his forgiveness, share his word, and so on.. But what i see in this is that we need more than that. Something that we need to do all those things and its looking us square in the face. Yet not many people have it!! To share his word and shine his light we have to have a hunger for Him!!! We need to want him with our lives!! If we don’t we might as well not even try to be saved by him because we would be in the middle. Not all for him but not all against him.

    Oratio: Dear LORD fill us with you today!! Let us shine your light to everyone we meet.

    Contemplatio: Filled with you LORD

  15. Jesse

    Dec 17th, 2009

    Lectio:Quite place.

    Meditatio: Lately I just feel like ive been surrounded by Noise, no quite place and it goes a little beyond noise. Just my time has been consumed with things that wont get me any closer to God, highly misprioritizing just consumed with school and not taking any time with God.

    Oratio: father God i pray you wash over me, release this stress, there is freedom in you. I am free by the holy blood. I pray that you bring force an encounter with you that im desperately needing.

    contemplatio: digging.

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