Jeremy Sims (by the way, I’m writing this myself in third person, not to be confused with an athlete or rapper) has been married for over 10 years and is the father of three.  He is a youth pastor in Alabaster, AL at Kingwood Church where he leads Epoch, an exciting weekly gathering for teens.

The paradox of the title “Outwitting Wormwood” is this: I’ve found that over the last 15 years of my spiritual growth, I’ve never been able to outwit Wormwood.  He’s smarter, craftier and honestly knows me better than I know myself (so far).  Ironically, the only thing that has worked is not focusing on him.  When I focus my attention on Christ, on growth and knowing Him more- the other things fall in to place.  Focusing on sin is just that- sin-focused.  Focusing on Christ, ironically, is the only way that I have found to “Outwit Wormwood”.

The goal of this blog is to focus on growth in Christian spirituality.  I think that we all agree that we need to grow.  Many of us even know what areas of growth are needed.  Where I have found that we lack is in practic.  How do I grow?  What do I do?  This is the goal of this blog.  Of course, there are some incredible benefits for me as well.  No student learns more than the teacher.  Many readers will be far beyond my understanding, but none will grow more from “my” blog than I do.  The truth is, I suppose, that we all need some form of a blog!